Sailing Holidays

The design of the modern wooden yachts built in Bodrum is based on the design of age-old fishing and cargo boats known as GULETS. They are motor sailors with a spacious deck and cabin areas, with on-suite shower rooms. They are wide-body yachts which give our guests the opportunity to have holidays on the water with groups of friends or family, old or young. Our yachts are comfortable for all ages and have excellent safety conditions, especially in comparison with the classic sailing boats.

Our cruising area is the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea of Turkey. Especially the coast from Kuşadası to Antalya, that is approx. 300 nautical miles, offers the most divers and beautiful sailing route in the East Mediterranean Sea. This coastline has an amazing number of picturesque bays and natural inlets with clear, turquoise waters and also the most secure and comfortable anchorages.



Bodrum and Göcek offer the most convenient ports for our guests to start or end their cruise, because of the close airport connections. This coastline also gives our cruise itineraries the possibility to combine the Turkish coast with the Dodecanese Islands of Greece.

Although we define our itinerary at the beginning of the cruise with our guests, we are flexible and open to alterations during our journey as some guest may voice preferences and alternatives. Where, when and how long to enjoy various aspects of being on holiday on board, is discussed every day with the captain and crew, who will try their best to adapt to the choices of their guests within the safety and international regulations, and, of course, according to the weather.

Whatever our guests’ priorities are, be it a quiet calm holiday to idle on blue waters, be it to enjoy some water sports interrupted by sunbathing and enhanced by visits to land enriched by archaeological sites or friendly villages and colorful markets, or be it to liven up the nights with delicious food and dance, our crew will be there to ensure your holiday fits your personal style and becomes the best holiday you ever had.